Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grace in Small Things #Thirty-Four

So far, I'm still cooking over at Grace in Small Things. There's something about noting five teeny tiny things a day that make you happy. Noting compels you to notice.

1. My shift at the help desk at the y. Assisting others is always upwardly mobile. Even a snippy customer pushes my growth.
2. Juan, the head yard dude, mowing and cutting and mulching and prettifying. I hope I get to keep him.
3. Opening ups packages
4. Co-worker greetings
5. Familiarity, not the "breeds contempt" kind, the loving kind: my bent paged journal, friends familiar with my tics, pets familiar with my habits, etc.

Mulling over others' GiST lists is a' whole 'nother joy. Check it out.

Read more: "Schmutzie.com: Grace In Small Things: A Challenge For All Of Us" -http://www.schmutzie.com/2008/11/grace-in-small-things.html#ixzz0AgHE3JMQ

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