Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow & Beans in Carolina

I know a lot of folks living here aren't from around here - and y'all have a big time when the locals get all excited at the mention of a little snow. I don't mind. Everybody seems silly to somebody over something sometime.

The truth for me is that I AM excited at the mention of a little snow. This morning while my coffee was perking I put a pound of pinto beans out to soak, humming a Hank Williams' song, one of my Aunt Pearl's favorites, and I can still hear her tuneless warbling - why can't I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold cold heart? A really good question, but this morning there were bigger fish to fry, or at least beans to soak.

I bought smoked pigs knuckles at the Harris Teeter Friday, wondering all the while if I'd completely lost my mind or just found a particular brand of sane. My daughter retched a little when she saw what was in the grocery bag, but she always was delicate when it comes to animal parts, and I was listening to a Higher Voice anyway - the one that whispers - snow. Snow. It. Might. Snow. Put a pot of beans on, 'cause it might snow.

I simmered and stirred all Saturday evening, adding onions and salt and whatever else Aunt Pearl's voice in my ear said. I surprised myself and her with a near perfect round of cornbread baked in her iron skillet from ingredients I had in my cabinet.

I've got a pot of pinto beans cooked. Calling for snow. Why can't I free your doubtful mind, and melt your cold cold heart?

--Caroline Boatright

Photos: snow dog by Christmas w/a K on Flickr
tulips by Alan1954 on Flickr


Anonymous said...

i like this post, i surely do. hank williams, beans, and snow is a good time.

LoLaSuzanne said...

Thank you...Caroline has a lovely lilt, doesn't she?