Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beckon Lovely

I am crazy about Amy.

Amy is a person who likes to make things. She made this wonderful video called 17 things I made which made me want to make things and make a video about making things.

But Amy's video went even challenged us, the viewers, to meet her in Chicago to help her make the eighteenth thing and that video, The Beckoning of Lovely, is amazing and hopeful. I'm hoping to catch up with Amy to make more things when she gets to Washington DC in May. Here are the two outstanding videos.

17 things I made

The Beckoning of Lovely

Wanna be involved?

Check out Amy's website Who is Amy? Beckon lovely.


vchelle said...

I hope to make things with Amy in the future. I hope she will come to GA soon! I first heard about Amy from Chookooloonks...

LoLa said...

I like chookooloonks too...I found her through Beckon Lovely. I'd love to have a story from you for LoLaSuzanne.

piglet said...

that is very nifty! what a neat idea, i like how it makes me start thinking of the things i've made.

Suzy said...

Some people truly have a way with the world. This is so inspiring to me. To give back in such a way that touches people to their very core. I bet she changed a lot of lives that day. She's changed mine! Suzy