Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love Thursday #7: Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

Visiting my Dad's parents when I was a kid meant climbing in the hayloft, riding on the back of a tractor, simple meals, and early bedtimes. Years later, I moved into the farmhouse for a time. Even now, I recognize the farm as being the only constant landmark in my life.

The spring pasture and Judge
The now dilapidated barns and silo viewed from the house
viewed from the pasture
The hayfield
rainy day cows

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margie said...

there is something so special about a farm. i too grew up on a farm and the one thing it taught me, how to spend time with myself.

Gayle said...

What sweet memories. Your photos are great! Happy Love Thursday!

Anonymous said...

through your writing and open narrations of the farm have made me love the farm too :)