Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grace in Small Things #131: It's Always the Little Things

Grace in Small Things is a place I visit most days to list five things
for which I'm grateful. You can do it, too. Follow the link.

I've made it to #131:
1. This Book in which today I
cracked the spine, burned, spit,
and drew a purpley chair on a page
dripped candle wax on a page
smashed olives between pages
and tonight I'm sleeping with it.

2. This Procrastination thing. Always turns out to be for the best. Now if I could just roll with it!

3. This Magazine. I especially like the "Readers Write" section where readers tell stories on given topics. Real eye into the soul stuff.

4. This Woman who flounced around in Deep Water Aerobics today.

5. This Place where I work.

Where I was so happy to be tonight (and not just because I was procrastinating a deadline!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You work at the Y? Oh, man. When I was looking for work, I actually applied for a job as receptionist at the Y's Immigrant Settlement Program, even though it paid 1/2 what my prior job had paid just - you know - to work for a non-profit that HELPS PEOPLE. That so rocks.