Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love Thursday #3: Heir

my backyard gardenias passed down from a long line of grandmas (photo by LoLaSuzaanne)

My great great grandmother gave her six year old granddaughter Lucile clippings from her gardenia bush. Lucile nursed those budlings until they were big enough to plant around the brick farmhouse her daddy built.

Grandma Lucile eventually rooted clippings from the same bushes for her own grandkids including me. The smell of these June blooms in my backyard reminds me of my connection to this line of practical gardenia-growing women. The ones who, despite a scarcity of funds, found a way to share beauty all the way down to me. The original bushes, still at the farmhouse, are not as prolific as they once were but have progeny across the land.

At almost 98, Grandma can't see the buds anymore but when I visit her this week, I'm hoping she can still smell the clippings I'll bring along.

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Katie in MA said...

What a fabulous legacy! Happy Love Thursday - I'm sure your grandmother will truly appreciate your gesture of love.

margie said...

i feel lucky when i find soap that smells of gardenias. i cannot imagine going outside and smelling them. lucky for you to have that grandma of 98.

elk said...

your post made me smile and tear up at the same time...i really connected with this in so many ways

Barb said...

How wonderful. I'll bet your grandmom will bee able to enjoy them; the sense of smell is (IMO) the strongest.

Marie said...

That's a fantastic story. I love that your garden has that kind of soul.
Happy Love Thursday.

Alicia said...

That is incredible! Beautiful photo. Beautiful story!